As a marketing agency that specializes in community branding, HC creates visual identities for towns, counties, developments, or community special events. Our customers often include developers, cities, districts, convention and visitors bureaus, and comprehensive plans and development projects.

We use our proprietary "8 to Great Maven MethodTM" to create comprehensive brand platforms, which include everything a community needs to create a successful brand image.

Not sure where to begin? Learn how our Mavens help you connect the dots from strategy to implementation.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Branding is more than a logo or a tagline - it's based on perception. It's the communication of values, characteristics, and unique attributes of your business -- it's a complete story. Do you have all of the chapters you need to tell your story?

If you've ever -

• Struggled to create a consistent identity for your community or business,
• Been confronted with the difficulty of creating a positive brand image,
• Been challenged with how to get your teams to talk across departments, work together to solve a problem, or align on a common goal...

It’s likely that you are facing the challenge of connecting the dots. That’s where Haven Creative can help.
Research & Planning | The Haven Creative Agency

Research & Planning

We provide market research and conduct community surveys to create a strategy and launch plan best suited to achieve your community’s marketing goals.

EVENT BRANDING | The Haven Creative Agency


Through logo development, messaging, website, video, and social media campaigns, our event branding services support your community’s marketing goals and enhance awareness of your special events.

Community Branding & Engagement | The Haven Creative Agency

Community Branding & Engagement

We design comprehensive brand books to create unique identities for communities. We engage key stakeholders in your community to produce greater buy in. Using our proven process, we ensure that the final product feels authentic and truly captures the essence of what makes your community special.

Our Process

We have 8 dots in our logo for a reason - they represent the "8 to Great Maven MethodTM" - our proprietary process to building brands and helping our customers connect the dots in their organization.
By utilizing the 8 to Great Method, our customers have been able to:

• Create cohesive design style and messaging for their brand
• Preserve and protect their community identity amidst rapid expansion
• Develop appropriate consumer messaging and sales strategy to reach the ideal demographic
• Build team culture within their organization

How Do We DO This?

Every great brand starts with a story. We help you figure out what makes your story unique. We work with all of the key stakeholders on your team to guide you through the process of building a brand book.
Unlike a typical marketing agency, we don’t just drop a logo and walk away. Our process includes all of the elements your team will need to create a successful brand (or rebrand). Our brand books establish clear messaging, identity development (logos), colors, fonts, interior design and more.
Maven Method | The Haven Creative Agency

1. Designate Your Team

Who should be involved in your rebrand process?

2. Design the Dream

Set goals and intentions for your branding.

3. Decide the Dollar

Depending on the goals, we help you determine the ideal budget to reach your goals.

4. Monitor the Market

We conduct a market audit including surveys and interviews with key stakeholders to discover what makes your brand unique.

5. Define the Difference

Once we have identified the unique attributes, we write the story and begin the foundational elements of building the brand book.

6. Invent the Identity

This is where the fun begins! It’s no secret that we love to create, it’s in our name! This stage is where we combine the story with visual elements to bring the brand to life.

7. Share the Story

This is the stage where most creative agencies leave you hanging, but not the Mavens! We develop a plan of action and provide training to ensure your brand launch goes off without a hitch.

8. Report the Results

How did it go? We report back on key metrics to ensure the goals we set out in step 2 are staying on course.