Align your team with a shared purpose, define key messaging and develop an action plan to build awareness and create community.

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Join us for a virtual workshop with HAVEN’s community branding mavens. We’ll help your team uncover ideas that inspire and messages that move.

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Our workshops are meant to unleash your team’s potential to achieve brand clarity. This virtual interactive workshop lead by our community branding mavens will uncover your brand purpose and ignite action. We lead radically candid conversations and facilitate thought-provoking brand exercises to uncover ideas that inspire. Your team will leave with a purpose driven, action-oriented plan and messaging to engage your influencers and create community.

Our brand workshops will help:

  • Align your leadership
  • Strengthen company culture
  • Uncover your brand’s purpose
  • Develop ideas that inspire
  • Define your pivot
  • Identify your influencers
  • Articulate your story
  • Make “mavens” of your team
Why do I need to create community?

An engaged community creates thriving economic centers, improved products, innovative teams and company growth.

Haven Handbook

Download the Haven Handbook

Not sure where to begin? Start with the Haven Handbook, a branding workbook that will guide you through the branding process.