Hello! We are HAVEN. A Community Branding Agency

We are an award-winning community branding agency that routinely partners with government entities, businesses, and nonprofits.

We use our proprietary process, the Maven Method® to develop, design and deploy strategic branding and communications campaigns that raise awareness and inspire action.

We exist to create communities in and around organizations; communities that have a shared vision and goals create innovative products, enhanced services, thriving economic centers and unstoppable brands.

We have branded hundreds of clients across the nation which has led us to refine our process – the Maven Method® – to help our clients seamlessly navigate through the complexities of building a community brand by “connecting the dots.”

We are a certified NC hub agency and are proud to be among the .01% of women-owned agencies in the country.

[community at our core]

Community branding isn’t just what we do, it’s our commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of the people and the communities we serve.

This commitment is part of our larger ethos at HAVEN – to make mavens of our peers and partners. What’s an ethos? So glad you asked! A brand ethos is made up of the traits, culture, goals, mission, vision and community it embodies. At HAVEN, we view each team member as a peer and each client as a partner. 

This ethos embodies our belief that sharing knowledge, being respectful, and radical candor creates better products, better service and unstoppable teams. Our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to impact 1M lives through our work and become a global leader in community branding.


Lives Impacted


Brands Created


Brands Impacted


/ˈmāvən/: disruptor. change maker. visionary. achiever. community builder. expert.

If this sounds like you, then you have the maven mindset too.

Mavens Across The Nation

Our internal team is small for a reason, we want to be the best at what we offer and pull in other mavens (experts) when we need to.

We have a community of mavens that we call on for their specific expertise when needed per project. Our mavens include: SEO/PPC, graphic design, videography and PR. We’re always looking for new mavens to join our team, so be sure to submit your info on our career page.

We know you’re probably thinking it – no, a maven does NOT have to be a female. We believe communities are powered by creativity and creativity is sparked from diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer and work hard to uphold a culture where our mavens feel valued, seen and heard.

Jeni Bukolt
President & Founder

Jeni is fueled by curiosity, creativity and comedy. If you’ve met her, you know she doesn’t take herself too seriously and loves to laugh, but she is also extremely passionate about her work. Jeni’s belief that everyone is better together is the foundation of HAVEN Creative and its success. As its founder and fearless leader, she operates as the creative visionary for the agency. Her passion for creativity and storytelling guides HAVEN’s clients through a process that connects the dots between brands and their communities to tell their unique story. Jeni will be the first to admit HAVEN is a team effort and puts the same passion for connecting people into making Mavens who love building community as much as she does. While she may be a Maven at community branding, she is still learning how to wrangle and raise her 2 rambunctious boys and keep a plant (seriously any plant) alive. Fortunately, her husband has the green thumb.

Jeni Personal Photo Collage

Jessica Blackshaw
Marketing Manager

Jessica has always been known for her big visions and entrepreneurial spirit…her goal was to become President of the World at age six. While President of the World isn’t her title, Jessica uses that same visionary drive to implement inbound marketing and paid media campaigns for HAVEN’s clients. Jessica prides herself on treating each client’s project and budget as if it is her own – you can often find her searching for discount codes and negotiating rates to take her client’s budget further. She is committed to learning and truly understanding each client’s brand and business goals to ensure success and deliver exceptional service to all of our clients.

Jessica Personal Photo Collage

Megan Weatherford
Content Manager

Jumping out of planes and off bridges used to be Megan’s conversation ice breaker. Now, you’ll likely hear a funny story about her two girls and husband. Megan has always been a storyteller. She leverages her journalism training to share stories about our clients in a clear and authentic way. She loves to find the most efficient way to reach our client’s goals and takes deadlines seriously (after all she used to work in news). Maven Megan enjoys working closely with our government clients and wants to help make a difference in their communities.

Megan Personal Photo Collage

Lilly Liang
Associate Brand Manager

Since a young age, Lilly has been obsessed with the marriage of style and function; she often spent hours tweaking small details until she made her vision a reality. This most commonly manifested itself in her Myspace page, but now she hones that attention to detail on HAVEN’s internal resources and client branding projects. She ensures that projects stay on time and on budget while working closely with the creative team on the design and copy. If she’s not using her left and right brain at work, then you can find her traveling to different cities, trying the latest Charlotte restaurant, or watching the sunset at the closest rooftop bar.

Lilly Personal Photo Collage

Ian Redman
Marketing Coordinator

Ian is a natural problem solver and tinkerer whose experiences in community politics and nonprofit management give him a unique experience to create solutions for HAVEN clients’ marketing needs. His passion for finding innovative solutions stems from his endless curiosity and a willingness to dive head first into a new challenge. Growing up, this manifested in Ian disassembling a few small household appliances (Sorry, Mom). Thankfully, he now focuses that energy into helping the HAVEN creative team deliver impactful products and compelling stories.

Ian Personal Photo Collage

Our Values

Make It Work!
We go above and beyond when needed to meet a deadline, meet a customer’s needs, and make mavens.

Be Brave
Tackling a new challenge, owning up to a mistake, sharing ideas, and asking someone to help takes bravery.

Be Creative
Innovation, exploration, and collaboration are crucial to succeed as a HAVEN Maven.

Whether it’s philanthropy or mentorship, we share our success by paying it forward.

Have Fun
When we enjoy the people we work with and leave our egos at the door, we create strong productive teams where anything is possible.

Discover how we can help your community tell its story.