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Jeni carefully blends applicable industry knowledge with engaging storytelling to educate her audience in relevant community branding topics.

Sprinkled on top is her signature humor and snark, guaranteed to keep audiences entertained while they learn and grow together.

Community branding is a growing industry that takes the focus away from flashy color boards and shifts it to the real story behind a community and what brings communities together. Through the keynote topics below, Jeni speaks on community branding hurdles and successes, citing her own experience, so you can walk away with expert knowledge and tactical advice that you can use immediately in your marketing and community branding efforts.


Jeni Bukolt speaks on a range of topics for community-building Mavens. As the founder and president of Haven Creative Agency, Jeni discovered her true passion is exploring the “why” behind a brand. Throughout her nearly 20 years of experience in community marketing, she has helped community leaders and successful business owners connect the dots to create visually impactful brand stories… While attempting to make them laugh at all costs.

When Jeni rebranded the Town of Waxhaw in 2015, she felt public humiliation and failure for the first time in her career and it became a pivotal moment. Although she and her team worked countless hours on the Board-approved town tagline, 1,000 residents signed a petition to have it overturned. She felt judged, embarrassed, and unsafe in her own town. “I felt like it was literally the worst thing that I could have ever experienced as a small business owner and I thought it was going to ruin me,” Jeni reflected. Little did she know, this was not the end. The rebranding elements she crafted for the Town of Waxhaw won multiple government communication and design awards and was only the beginning of Haven Creative’s journey to becoming the most sought-after community branding agency in the greater Charlotte area.

Jeni is a woman who wears many hats – she is an entrepreneur, a friend, a volunteer, a Waxhaw resident, a wife, and above all, a mother. Today, she positively influences the lives of driven business owners and communicators through her speaking events and hardcore honesty on social media as a working mom and successful business owner.

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The Power of Community Branding

What stories are the people in your community telling with a sparkle in their eye… and how do you make sure that story never dies? Community branding is the key to maintaining and celebrating what makes your community special. In this keynote speech, Jeni will dive into how community branding can be utilized to reignite that spark in your community to boost morale and bolster economic development.

The HAW-some Side of Failure

In 2015, Jeni’s agency was hired to rebrand the Town of Waxhaw. What ensued was chaos, public harassment, and a town divided over three letters. The other outcomes of the project? Strong branding elements that are still used in the town today, multiple government communication and design awards, and a story about “failure” that will inspire you to take action.

Pivot Planning Session

A great interactive exercise before quarterly planning, Jeni will work with your leadership team to identify several key marketing and branding elements and pain points for your organization as a first step in your marketing and branding efforts. This exercise comes with a branded PDF deliverable your team can reference long after the session concludes.

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