We’ve Rebranded! Our Logo Story

Last week, we had an internal debate about what word best describes how we feel about our new brand and website... Are we stoked? Is it rad? Is the new look dope? We couldn’t pick just one, so…

If you haven’t seen it yet, we are stoked/thrilled/excited/ecstatic about our dope/rad/super awesome new look. (Did we take the easy way out here? Yes. Can you stop us? No.)

HAVEN’s Logo Story

Back on-topic: in unveiling a new logo, color story and website, we wanted to share with you more about our design process and how we arrived at our new ‘do. A logo shares a brand’s story and each font, color and element help to write a chapter in this narrative so customers, employees, and partners better understand a company. Here is HAVEN’s logo story:

Logo Story

#1: We bleed teal… it’s the core of our brand color story, specifically the HEX codes of 88 (we’ll save our love for 8’s in another post), but the turquoise we were using was too light for most applications. Plus, we’ve grown to become a bolder and brighter team since its first use. 

#2: While we’ve grown a bit, we wanted to ensure the creative flair that has defined us for so long remains, which is why we kept the script font and used the bright and cheery Sunshine gold.

#3: The dot… this was arguably the crux of the new design and it carries some of our history and story. A homage to our legacy logo, our current logo shows our continued passion for “connecting the dots” to build community.  

Its placement in the “A” of HAVEN has meaning for us, as well. It shares a resemblance with the location icon, which speaks to what we do as a community branding agency. Additionally, the negative space resembles a keyhole — representing the entry to a new place or perhaps a safe space, like a haven. (get it?)

#4: Finally, intellectual property! Trademarks are an important part of any logo, which is why we feature the “R” symbol. We’re not as cool as the Nike “Swish,” but maybe someday…

What Our Logo Story Means To Us

We have big goals for this logo. This new branding recognizes where we have been as a company (both the HAW-some and not so HAW-some parts) but also looks forward to our future. Importantly, it shares our personality; our team of mavens have fun and enjoy what they do, but ultimately, we “get sh-t done.” (Thanks, Maven Jess)

What story does your logo tell?

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