Top 4 Funniest Slogans for Small Towns

Taglines or slogans are an important part of any community’s identity. It’s the easiest way for a resident or visitor to remember the town, especially if it’s quirky. As a marketing agency, we wanted to share with you the funniest slogans in the county.

Gravity, Iowa

Photo credit from Iowa Backroads

Who says science can’t be fun? The welcome sign to Gravity, Iowa, proudly touts, “We’re down to earth. If Gravity goes, we all go.”If your community has a name that invites a play on words, incorporating that into a tagline can be memorable.

McKinleyville, California

Photo credit from McKinleyville Area Citizens Patrol

“Where horses have the right of way” is no longer be the motto of McKinleyville, California, but the town’s equine residents still have it made. Locals can ride their horses along sandy stretches of beaches in the area.

Santa Claus, GA

Photo credit from Murder Small

One of the funniest ones may be Santa Claus, GA where their tagline is “the city that loves children.” Although this is not the tagline that we would have chosen, it definitely stands out. Santa Claus, how about this instead, “feels like ho-ho-home.”

Happy, TX

Photo credit from American Road Tripper

For Happy town, it is “The Town Without a Frown.” We love a good rhyme at the Haven Creative. They used a common usage for the word happy and included it into their timeline. Thus, the timeline is more memorable.

Does your community have a tagline that properly encompasses your town? Haven Creative is a marketing agency, located in North Carolina, focused on creating beautifully branded event logos for communities across the U.S, and we love the inspiration wherever we can find it. Click here to learn more about our marketing services.

Also, thank you to The Why Not 100’s blog, 77 Terrific Town Slogans, for helping us gather information about small town slogans.



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