How Can I Stay on Brand During COVID-19?

The Japanese word for “crisis” is 危機 (“Kiki”). The first character (危) means “dangerous” while the second (機) means “opportunity”. That is what a crisis is after all. It is dangerous and scary, but it also represents an opportunity; it’s a chance for change and new beginnings.

To communicate effectively in times of uncertainty,  it’s important to have a plan. You need to identify what makes your brand unique and have to narrow down your audience.  By examining your market, finding the white space, and telling your unique story, you can create a brand that stands out, develops a strong sense of community, and leaves a legacy especially during uncertain times like a global pandemic. 

Although it can be scary to speak up or even know what to say during times of uncertainty, it’s better than saying nothing at all. Below we have listed four ways your community can filter messaging and stay on brand.  

1. Be Visible 

Don’t be quiet! Saying nothing can be just as detrimental as saying the wrong thing. You must know your own values. Ask yourself these questions to help define your brand story and lean into your values:

    • WHO are you talking to?
    • WHAT do you do?
    • WHY do you do it?
    • WHY does that matter?
    • HOW will it impact your customer’s life?

2. Think through the message

Be direct, thoughtful, authentic, and informative. Your message first and foremost is the most important. It needs to stay in-line with your brand’s day-to-day message and core brand values.

Customers can often be attracted or detracted from a brand through their messaging  – the wrong message can certainly turn off a client, or even a potential employee. Saying nothing at all can be just as detrimental to a brand as saying the wrong thing.

3. Consider the platform 

Your message needs to be communicated on the right channels, the right way – and this can get tricky. Why? Because each social media channel has a different audience with different expectations, giving you the obligation to meet these expectations while communicating a consistent and strategic message.

The more you know and understand your market and the different relationships you share with your audience on the different channels, the more capable you will be to adapt your message, while keeping it consistent, for each of them.

4. Pick the time 

Timing is extremely important to how the message resonates. Timing may mean when you launch a campaign or when a specific message is released. If you are scheduling social media posts or emails, be sure to monitor the news and know what you have planned. When it comes to COVID-19 things seem to change by the day. It’s imperative to have knowledge of the current climate and the message you are putting out. 

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