What Does a Brand Book Include?

Great marketing starts with a story. Do you have all of the chapters you need to tell your story? If not, you need a brand book!

Branding is more than a logo or a tagline – it’s based on perception. Branding is the communication of values, characteristics, and unique attributes of your community or business – the complete story. Through strategic marketing, design, and crafted content, we implement all of these layers into your brand book to help you tell your story with visuals like colors, textures, and fonts.

brand story board for town of matthews    Brand story board for town of waxhaw

If you spend any time on our website and social media platforms, you have likely seen us refer to our brand book. Recently, after receiving a call from a potential client, we came to a couple of realizations. One, not everyone knows what a brand book is and two, it wasn’t common knowledge that each and every brand book is completely unique. The size and complexity of a brand book varies, but we strive to make each one clear and concise. No matter the size of your organization, our brand book can be used as a road map to consistently tell your story.

A brand book is a multipage, print ready pdf to be used as a guideline for those within your organization who create content and marketing materials. The goal is for all content to have a cohesive look and feel. Although each organization’s brand book is unique, they will include artwork, color story, fonts, editorial style. There are also examples for how each element should be applied throughout your organization. We find that providing information for how to NOT to use a logo and color story almost as important as the ‘how to’ portion of the guide!

Each of our custom brand books include the following pieces:

  • Brand story
  • Logo do’s and don’ts
  • Color story
  • Fonts
  • Design standards for items such as business card, letterhead, presentations, etc.

Example of brand book color page

Weddington branding stationary

We love the process of designing all of these elements for clients, but we really get excited when we can help them bring the brand to life throughout their organization.

Exceptional branding works from the inside out. Our team partners with your organization on every level to help you breathe life into your new brand. From the pitch of your sales team to the inner organizational culture supported by your HR team, your brand book will be the guiding light in your organization.

Are you in the market for a more consistent presence for your organization’s brand? If so, reach out to a Maven today – email us at hello@havencreativeagency.com.


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