HAVEN Highlight: Founder Jeni Bukolt Joins BGW Panel Discussion on “The Great Resignation”

Trending in the news recently has been a topic near and dear to our hearts… and no, we don’t mean “Florida Man Captures Live Alligator with Trash Can” or the stupid Applebees song trend. “The Great Resignation,” as it has been dubbed in public conversation, is the wave of workers leaving their jobs for greener pastures and points to larger issues about company leadership, core values, and accountability.

Jeni Talks about the Maven Mindset when it comes to “The Great Resignation”

Recently our founder, Jeni Bukolt, joined a panel discussion on this discussion and shared her thoughts on the impacts of company culture on employee retention, including thoughts on her own leadership style, “The Maven Mindset,” and why it improves accountability and employee happiness.

You can watch the full panel discussion here.

Learn About the Maven Mindset and Core Values

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