Your Mission Statement Doesn’t Matter

Newsflash your employees don’t care about your company’s mission statement. Mission statements tend to be corporate marketing jargon meant to align a team with an action oriented one-liner. Some of the world’s best-known brands have some of the world’s worst mission statements. Consider Amazon’s: “to be the Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” A mission statement like this is a complete disconnect from the very team it is meant to align.

Often thought up in the 20th floor board room without employee buy-in, mission statements miss the mark when they aren’t articulating the company’s purpose or providing something meaningful that the team can rally around.

Leaders, it’s time to flip the script.

People are not working to serve you or your pockets. They come to work to fulfill a deeper purpose – to pursue their passion. Sure, there are those that seek to follow. They don’t care about the routine. They maintain status quo, collect a check and could give two sh*ts what the poster hanging in the lunchroom says. But then, there are the others. The purple cows, the linchpins, the unicorns – we call them Mavens.

They are inside your organization and they want to break from status quo, they want to be inspired and want to pursue their passion. If you empower the Mavens, you will increase productivity and improve your company culture.

How? Talk to your people.

To find the Mavens and understand what motivates them, talk to your people! Don’t be afraid to discover what motivates them. What is their “why” for coming to work? If you have the courage to dig deeper and have the hard conversations, you will eventually find a common thread among your team. You will find the Mavens. You will discover the common link to their passion and the company’s purpose.

When organizations successfully align the company’s “mission” with the employee’s purpose, amazing things happen. During discovery work, you may even find that your employee’s strengths aren’t being fully utilized and it might be time for a seat shift.

When you put an employee in the right seat, doing what feeds their purpose, they become a Maven. When you empower mavens to innovate, give them the freedom to fail and the authority to take action, your company grows. Enthusiasm is a force multiplier; these mavens inspire other mavens inside the company. Over time, the culture shifts from paper posters on the wall to a thriving organization with a team of high performing mavens.

I’ll say it again for the bosses in the back. Your mission statement is dead. It’s the purpose and your people that matters.

At Haven, we’re here to create better work environments where people feel seen, heard and valued so that they can live for the week, not the weekend. We are about community branding and can help you find the Mavens in your organization to create culture that delivers inspired work.

Making mavens is what we do.

It’s not coddling corporate culture stuff. It’s creating teams that perform using strategic communications and branding. Let’s talk.

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