Why YOU Need a BHAG For Your Organization

We firmly believe everyone needs a BHAG. We have one. President John F. Kennedy had one. Microsoft had one. BHAGs have led to some of the biggest successes in American history.

Our BHAG is to impact one million lives through communication and branding efforts. When we first decided this was our BHAG, it seemed impossible. Just two years later, we’ve impacted almost 300,000 lives… and we’re just getting started.

I guess I should tell you what a BHAG actually is, huh? In our Maven Minute video series, we broke down what a BHAG is, how it unifies the community, and how to come up with one for your own organization.


If you need help creating a BHAG, give the Mavens a shout. As Jeni Bukolt says in the video, “We LOVE this stuff!” We’re here to share our knowledge with our peers and partners to create better communities around the globe. Contact us today!

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