HAVEN Highlight: Founder Jeni Talks 1 Year of COVID-19 Communications Work on Gaston County’s Savvy Citizen Podcast

Our founder and fearless leader, Maven Jeni, appeared on the Savvy Citizen podcast at the end of August to talk about the one year anniversary of Gaston SAVES, a COVID-19 communications campaign aimed at the residents of Gaston County, NC. 

You can listen to the full 27-minute Savvy Citizen podcast episode here.

Our team of mavens helped Gaston County navigate the turbulent landscape of COVID-19 by creating the Gaston SAVES platform, an evergreen public communications platform aimed at helping residents navigate crises and emergencies. In the past year, the platform involved the creation of two campaigns, a website, and robust paid media efforts.

Savvy Citizen Podcast
HAVEN Creative Founder and CEO Jeni Bukolt talks about Gaston SAVES and COVID-19 Communications on the Savvy Citizen Podcast.

A year into the work, Jeni spent the afternoon with Gaston County Public Information Officer Adam Gaub to talk about Gaston SAVES and its impact on the community. Among things they discussed, Jeni highlighted the efforts that have led to more than 30,000 residents signing up for information about vaccines. 

The two campaigns, “Mask Together Gaston County” and “COVID Stops With Me” focused on public health initiatives aimed at mitigating the effects of the pandemic. These campaigns leveraged 15 different mediums and the paid media channels garnered over 6 million impressions.

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