Union County Case Study


During the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, residents of Union County were overloaded with information about COVID-19 and the national push for stay-at-home orders. 

To alleviate this crunch of information, we approached our client, Union County Government, with a set of three campaigns that focused on the human angle of the pandemic to change behaviors.


[develop + design]
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Strategy


We launched three campaigns: UC Heroes, a highlight of first responders and volunteers in the area; Stay Home for Me, a showcase of high-risk individuals in Union County to promote staying home; and UC Cares, an in-progress project to share ways Union County residents can donate and volunteer to help those in need during this time.

In addition to these campaigns, we designed several infographics and social media posts to accompany Union County’s written communications.

[the logo]

The official Waxhaw logo, which has remained consistent since 2008, uses a font that was drawn specifically for the Town and was meant to represent the train tracks. We made slight tweaks to update the red color from the previous logo because the general feedback was that it looked like “Christmas colors.” The new logo uses the brand “Wine” (maroon) color.

[the colors]

Spirited greens found in the rolling hills and lush town landscapes gives energy to a sophisticated and refined wine color. Such a delightful tapestry of vibrant shades are a contrast to the richly bronzed brown and soothing ecru representing the polished train rails and iconic walkover bridge. Airy touches of teal inspired by vintage glass bottles bring a calming familiarity to round out the color palette.

[the fonts]

Waxhaw’s fonts were chosen to depict the rustic refined design influence. Thirsty Rough and Veneer, which are used interchangeably for headlines or sub-headlines are vintage letterpress style fonts.


We delivered brand development and graphic designs which provided the fundamental elements to strategically position Union County as a reliable source of information. The three public health campaigns generated over 500 engagements on Facebook as well as a sense of empathy and support for others in our community. 

By leveraging the power of social media and the stories of their neighbors, our work with Union county rallied residents around COVID-19 mitigation efforts.


Facebook likes for Stay Home for Me social media posts


Frontline workers highlighted for UC Heroes


branded logos for COVID social campaigns