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SOSPESO Coffee Roasters

Branding and Packaging

Sospeso Coffee Roasters is a craft coffee roaster offering single origin, estate grown specialty coffees. Haven Creative conducted market research to develop and design a comprehensive brand guide for Sospeso. The brand guide included the story (vision, mission and values), fonts, colors, and package design.

The packaging is unique. Each region of coffee has its own color from the brand palette. Sketched icons were used on the bag to visually represent the unique flavor profile of each coffee. To bring the flavor notes to life on the website, we placed the actual ingredients from the flavor profile next to the bag. The images allow the consumer to quickly identify the coffee’s flavor profile and ideally, tempting them into exploring the taste.

Sospeso recently joined forces with Baked and Tempered to open 4th Corner Bakehouse and Coffee Co. in Waxhaw. Learn more at:


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