Gaston County Case Study


Gaston County needed a way to promote its economic opportunities and showcase the natural attractions found in the county, including Crowders Mountain, the closest hike to Charlotte’s metro area. They needed a new brand with a consistent and welcoming identity that drew people to the county.  After stay-at-home orders were lifted, Gaston County government seized the opportunity to invest in a brand identity that would show Gaston County was “open for business.” 

We guided Gaston County through the design process to refine its brand identity with a new logo, color story, and tagline that met these goals.


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  • Brand Identity Development

[the colors]

The primary colors used in the logo are Deep Blue, Aqua Teal, and Pastel Yellow.

[the fonts]

The SPARTAN font ties in the mid-century design aesthetic and will be featured in the headlines of communications as needed. Its straightforward, clean design allows for legibility at almost any size, and its wide range of styles gives it the stamina to thrive in bodies of text and display settings.

[the tagline]

Local Strengths. Global Success.

[the icon]

The logo is meant to represent the G for Gaston. It also represents a location icon turned on its side. Inside the icon, the buildings and the golden horizon depict that Gaston is primed for economic opportunity.


After the rebranding process, our team provided the design work for Gaston County's 2020 Annual Report, "Gaston ARC: Annual Report Card" using the logo and principles from the brand book. 

We also partnered with Gaston County to launch Gaston SAVES and create various branded items and department logos. Learn more about Gaston SAVES here.

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We completed the rebrand of Gaston County in the midst of a global pandemic. In three months, we surveyed 23 internal stakeholders and connected the dots between their goals, values, and vision to create a mini-brand book that told the story of their community. This work and the design of the annual report were recognized by the NC City & County Communicators; “Gaston ARC: Annual Report Card" won first place in the annual report category during their Excellence in Communications Awards.


internal stakeholders surveyed


months to complete rebranding


global pandemic