How to Measure Your Community’s Brand Awareness

Measuring brand awareness is like trying to bottle up perception and measure the volume. It’s extremely difficult. However, there are ways to effectively measure brand awareness if you know where to look. As a brand marketing agency, we are giving a list of metrics and tools we use at Haven Creative to measure brand awareness for our clients.


Surveys are an integral way to communicate with your target audience and to understand their concerns, expectations and more. Online surveys and polls are convenient ways to measure brand awareness and are extremely helpful when conducting a rebrand campaign. We kick off all of our rebrand campaigns with a survey to establish a benchmark  to measure against once the rebrand campaign is complete. While there are hundreds of tools you can use to conduct online surveys, one of our favorites is SurveyMonkey because of the user-friendly interface and convenient reporting.


Brands shouldn’t be concerned with how many followers they have on their social sites because what really matters is how many of their followers are actually engaged. Track engagement levels, impressions, and overall reach to measure brand awareness. When it comes to social media, engagement encapsulates a variety of actions such as a “share” on Facebook or a “like” on Instagram. It is any interaction a fan has with your social media content that shows they are interested in your posts and may want to support your brand.


Keeping an eye on returning visitors and monitoring new visitors plays a significant role in measuring brand awareness. Google Analytics is a great way to acquire this data as it helps you to understand the trends your business has gone through over a period of time. You can also track views on certain pages to see if your audience is interested in certain content or topics.


For years, marketers across all industries struggled with ways to measure brand awareness while simultaneously justifying budgets with return on investment. Marketing automation software like HubSpot became the game changer. HubSpot simplifies numerous aspects of brand awareness and measurements. Website traffic, surveys and social metrics can all be tracked in the platform providing convenient, real time metrics and reporting.


If you need help capturing the data for your brand awareness, Haven Creative, a community brand marketing agency, now offers HubSpot set up and integration do contact us to learn more.

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