How Much Should a Logo Cost?

A professional logo design could cost you around $500-$15,000, but let’s get one thing straight — you don’t buy the 1-ply toilet paper for obvious reasons. The same goes for creating a brand for your business. You don’t want to just go for the cheapest logo deal when developing your brand because things can get, well, irritating.

At Haven Creative, we are the “Charmin” of the creative world. Think of us as the 4-ply with aloe vera. We bring a little something extra to the table. We can just give you a logo file if that’s what you want, but we prefer to provide the added comfort of a brand foundation that will give you the complete competitive edge.

How it works – before the first coffee date, we dig deep into your business to gauge how you already visualize your personality as a business. From there, we do a marketing audit, which includes market research and analysis to determine the best elements to tell your brand’s story. We can’t give away too many of the ingredients in our secret sauce, but one thing that sets us apart from the 1-ply guys, is an interior design proposal for your office or home space. This helps visualize your business and its potential beyond the design of a logo. But most importantly, it helps us justify the amount of time we spend on Pinterest. (jk, sort of)

We get asked this question from time to time: “Why should I chose you over Fiverr?” If you have never heard of Fiverr, good. The real question you should be asking is “when can we get started?” Fiverr won’t meet with you to talk about the outlook and visions for your company. They won’t create a storyboard to create your brand story. They won’t make you laugh so hard you spit your coffee over the table talking about marketing strategies. And let’s be real- didn’t your mama tell you not to trust strangers on the internet?

Building a brand is not just about a logo file. It’s about finding the best way to tell your unique story, earning trust and building a lasting relationship with your customers. It’s also about giving our extrovert personalities something to look forward to each day. It’s about justifying our coffee habits with clients.

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