How is Social Media Affecting our Lives for the Better?

Social media is much more than a trend. It has become an essential part of the fabric of modern society. This is true on many levels, such as the way we socialize, the way we gain access to information and the way businesses connect with their communities. We often hear about the negative effects of social media, but how do these channels impact our lives for the better?

Social Media Opens Communication Between Local Government and Communities

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Within our communities, social media enables us to connect in a very convenient way and allows room for an impactful social media strategy for businesses and communities. The ease of 2-way communication between local government leaders and the public has never been more convenient. Community members have the ability to attend local government public meetings and events via live stream, when unable to attend in person.  Social media enables local government to spread weather and emergency news quickly and effectively. Community members are able to communicate and connect with local government representatives, ultimately building trust.

Social Media Supports  Local Economy

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New Urbanism and main street revitalizations are on the rise throughout the United States. People are flocking to areas that offer walkability with housing and shopping in close proximity, along with accessible public spaces. With that, comes the need for the support and growth of small businesses. Through social media, small business owners are able to advertise directly to their local community much more economically than traditional advertising methods.  Here, they are able to promote their products and services and interact directly with their customers. When small businesses are thriving, so are local economies.

Social Media Helps Build a Sense of Community

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Human beings, no matter their age or demographic, have an innate desire to belong and be a part of something. Now, more than ever before, people have an urgent need to connect socially online and to have easy access to many social features. Through apps such as “Meetup” community members are able to connect socially based on common interests. Singles can date and meet other singles through a multitude of dating apps. Parents are even able to locate and vet babysitters in order to procure a night out on the town. The possibilities are endless.

Social Media Enables a Community to Give Back

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Yes, social media can be used to inspire people to get involved in community life. Community focused events, such as litter sweeps and coat/food drives can be planned and advertised through social media extending their reach.  Through online fundraisers, communities are able to support various causes as well as directly support a community member in need. Social media can even be used for various noble causes such as social welfare activities and promotion of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Not only this, but it also helps to change the way people live. It creates awareness and helps people discover various innovations that help them enhance their own lives. Every individual, from a farmer to a teacher can benefit from the awareness factor of social media.

Community leaders love the idea of the two-way communication social media is capable of offering. However, they don’t always have the time or the knowhow to create these accounts and social media strategies. At Haven Creative, we are social media Mavens. In addition to managing social media accounts across multiple platforms for our clients, we are an official Hubspot Partner as well. Give us a call if you would like more information!


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