Feel-Good COVID-19 Social Media Campaigns

When stay at home orders began in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, communities sprinted to get out the key messaging and facts, and suddenly everyone was in information overload. In light of the overload, we pitched to one of our clients, Union County Government in North Carolina, that we needed to put the human angle at the forefront to put a face to the statistics.

This led to the launch of three campaigns: UC Heroes, a highlight of first responders and volunteers in the area; Stay Home for Me, a showcase of high-risk individuals in Union County to promote staying home; and UC Cares, an in-progress project to share ways Union County residents can donate and volunteer to help those in need during this time.

In addition to these campaigns, Haven Creative designed several infographics and social media posts to accompany Union County’s written communications.

UC Heroes

Perhaps the most heartfelt and widely shared posts of all the series, the Union County Heroes project included logo design and social media template design. UC Heroes celebrates the first responders and volunteers in Union County who are working long hours, putting their lives on the line each day to treat UC residents, and who go above and beyond to serve others.

Stay Home for Me

The Stay Home for Me campaign in Union County included logo design, social media templates, and Facebook “frame” design for users to include the logo on their profile picture. Each post highlights a Union County resident who is immunocompromised in some way that makes them high risk to contract the virus and less able to fight it if they do.


UC CARES stands for Community Assistance and Resources Emergency Support. This landing page on Union County’s website shares local opportunities to get help or give help to those in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. Haven Creative designed a UC Cares logo for the initiative.


Supplemental Graphics

To help illustrate important information, our team designed social media graphics and flyers to create strong visual communication for the Union County community.


If your community needs graphic design support during this time, please contact us today. Our company is passionate about helping communities, and we offer hourly graphic design support so you can get accurate visual information out in a timely manner. We’re in this together.

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