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Communicating During COVID-19 & Beyond

How Gaston County Launched an Effective Evergreen Campaign During a Pandemic

In the midst of the global pandemic, Gaston County Public information office had limited resources but needed to extend its reach to provide critical COVID-19 resources and information to high-risk populations in the county. Using available CARES funding, they turned to Haven Creative for additional marketing and communications support. Haven Creative developed a strategic communications campaign called, Gaston SAVES (Safety, Awareness, Vital Emergency Support). While it was initiated to address the COVID-19 crisis, the campaign was designed to be “evergreen” so that it could be used to provide resources in any emergency situation. 

The campaign was layered with several key messages. The first of which was Mask Together, an educational push to promote mask-wearing. Once flu season started in the Fall of 2020, the marketing narratives shifted to include COVID-19 vs. flu education. In January of 2021, additional messaging and visuals, COVID Stops with Me, was layered into the campaign to educate the community on the COVID-19 vaccination. The initial launch of Gaston SAVES included the development of a dedicated website that was built on a content management platform with marketing automation software. Haven also designed supporting creative marketing assets and managed the advertising buys to extend the reach. 

Tools and Tactics:

  • Website with forms to collect resident information 
  • Print ADs 
  • Social Media – advertisements and weekly postings
  • Billboards
  • C-Store Signage and Video Boards 
  • Video Production 


The Gaston SAVES website is the go-to resource for county COVID-19 information and has reduced the strain on the County’s internal resources. Since the launch of Gaston SAVES, the website has received nearly 100,000 site visits and added more than 19,500 contacts to the database. There were more than 6.1 million impressions through paid media efforts for COVID-19 education. Because the website was built using marketing automation software, the team has real-time campaign reporting (proven results) and a database of contacts that can be easily segmented by location, age, etc. allowing the county officials to quickly and efficiently disseminate critical information to the appropriate target audiences. 

Want to learn more about the marketing automation used to support the campaign efforts? Book a meeting with a maven! 

The flexibility of the campaign platform has proved to be a valuable resource during the ever-changing needs of communicating information during the pandemic and beyond. 




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