4 Tips for Successful Web Design

“Google it.”  

“Search it up.”

“YouTube it.”


These are all things we hear and say on a daily basis. We can quite literally research just about anything we want to know. Information is available at our fingertips.

This is awesome, right?

Let’s turn the tables from searcher/consumer to informer/sales. We all want the world to know about our business or organization, but we have to compete with every other website on the internet. Fun fact, users take only 50 MILLISECONDS to form an opinion about your website. 50 MILLISECONDS! In that moment, do they have the capacity to read and understand what makes your organization uniquely awesome? The short answer is “no.” They will quickly determine during that brief time whether they will stay or leave.

Does your website make viewers want to say, “bye Felicia?” If so, here are a few essential qualities of a great website that will allow you to quickly invite visitors in and convince them to stay awhile.

Responsive Design – In short, this means your website can be viewed easily on whatever device you are using, mobile, tablet, desktop. This will continue to be a basic requirement of a great website. With new and improved mobile devices coming to the market on a regular basis, having a responsive website design is a must.

Minimalism – Keep it simple. Websites are featuring fewer pages, with simple designs and more blank space. Some websites are also implementing what’s referred to as “Flat Design.” Flat web design uses two-dimensional/flat images which are aesthetically pleasing to look at, in combination with lots of open space, and bright colors. Another design concept is card-based design which provides simple bursts of information that can be easily digested. This is ideal for users with mobile devices and varying screen sizes because they can be adjusted to each screen.

User Experience (UX) – Simple, intuitive, and functional navigation is an important feature to focus on. Websites with an intuitive design, and with images and aspects that are pleasing to the eye will attract consumers. If visitors cannot easily navigate your website, they are likely to exit as quickly as they came. Speed is also a factor, quickly loading pages and ease of information are critical components when standing out against the competition.

Format Variety – Providing useful information on your website important as is the format in which you deliver it. Websites that communicate in a variety of formats such as video and imagery vs. text will have a higher success rate. Video is a great way to communicate your brand story and viewers find it especially engaging.

Does your website encompass all the elements of quality website design? If not, have no fear, the Mavens are here for all your website branding needs!

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